Undercurrents: Robby Swift

We caught up with the high flyer Robby Swift just before heading off to Bonaire. Here's his take on life, the universe and everything!


Best surf spot? Hookipa!!




Describe your dream girl/guy: Superbly good looking, funny, fun to hang around with. Up for doing fun stuff. Likes the sort of things I like doing. Doesn’t mind travelling around and preferably surfs or is up for learning how to surf so that they don’t get bored hanging around on the beach waiting for me to come off the water!


When do you cry? Very rarely! Last time I cried was when Andy Funnell died.


Favorite color? Blue


Closest friends? Ross Williams, Sid Webb, JP, Levi Siver, John Skye. Tonnes of people. Can’t write all their names down. Would take too long!!!


The best holiday? This winter in Maui has been amazing!!!!


How many siblings do you have, what are their names? 6. Alan, Steven, Jeffrey, Richard, Louise, David

First Kiss? When I was 12 with Georgina!

Nickname? Tina, Swifty, Piglet! (that is the most recent one)


What three words describe you? Tina Swifty Piglet!

What ticks you off? When people have a bad attitude to foreigners (like here on Maui!)



Nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? Cannot remember. Lots of people have done lots of nice things for me. I am a very lucky boy!


If you weren't a pro windsurfer what would you want to do? NO idea. Pro surfer maybe!


Biggest lesson learned? Don’t count your chickens before they have hatched!


When do you feel lonely? Rarely. I have lots of friends with me most of the time. Sometimes if I have to do a promotional thing and I go to a new place where I don’t know anyone, but normally the people there do their best to make you feel at home!


An embarrassing moment? Answering the door wearing a Unicorn G-String because I thought it would be funny for the boys, only there were three sweedish girls there who I had never met before!


If you could be an animal, which one would you be and why? Dolphin probably! They seem to have a lot of fun, are very intelligent and are the only other mammals that have sex for fun!


Favorite music groups? Keane, Cold Play, Papa Roach, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Snow Patrol...... The list goes on!


Fears that hold you back? Hurting my ankles again!!!


What makes you laugh so hard it hurts? Ross and Scott!


What is necessary to a healthy soul? Laughter, enjoying everything you do!

What is the best “pick-me-up” remedy? A good surf or windsurf!


When there is no wind what do you do? Surf or play golf!


Hardest thing when you were a kid? Going to school when it was windy!!!


One thing you can't leave home without? Ipod!


Craziest battle wound? Constant ankle pain!!!! And 7 stitches in head.


Hobbies: Surfing, Windsurfing, Golf, Tennis, Editing movies.


Biggest claim of fame? Won Fuerte Freestyle in 2003.