The 2005 Bonaire King of the Caribbean – Interview Andre Paskowski

Germany’s leading freestyle man Andre Paskowski (G-2, F2/ North) tells us what’s on his mind.


Germany’s leading freestyle man Andre Paskowski (G-2, F2/ North) tells us what’s on his mind.


<PHOTO1>How did you manage to make your way onto the PWA tour?

After competing in the German national championships I did some European contests, which were a great bridge between local and international competition.


What have the weeks up to this contest have been like for you?

I did a contest in Austria and came in second after Kevin Mevissen in a very close final. It was very windy and cold, especially after coming from Margarita, so it was hard work.


Do you spend a lot of time on Isla Margarita?

I train there every winter together with Ricardo, Cheo, Golitto and Diony. For next season I’m going to do things differently. I would like to go to different places like Brazil and Cape Town to expand my experience in various conditions.


It sounds like you think a lot about how to improve your sailing?<PHOTO2>

I do. A lot of the younger guys are playing around. They are very good, don’t get me wrong, but I think I had a different start, having to finish school first and also having done a lot of racing before getting into freestyle. I realise the window of success is relatively short and I don’t want to look back feeling haven’t given it a 100%. So I plan ahead and think things through, it makes me more relaxed.


In the contest here on Bonaire you were sailing against Tonky Frans when your heat was cancelled. How do you rate your chances against him?

The heat was very tied. I think in stronger winds he will have the advantage since I’m quite light. If I can take Tonky out, I think my chances are quite good here.


<PHOTO3>What is your next stop on the tour?

Pozo, Gran Canaria. I have never been there and the winds are really strong, so it’s going to be hard. But it will be a good experience to get into wavesailing. After that it’s on to Lanzarote, which is more my kind of location.