Kona Sessions

Morgan Noireaux Back on NeilPryde & Enjoying a Rare Kona Day at Lanes

Morgan Noireaux (JP / NeilPryde) began his career on NeilPryde and after many seasons with both Hot Sails Maui and S2Maui the 24-year-old has returned to NeilPryde for the 2019 season.

Recently there were some rare Kona winds in Maui and Noireaux along with a couple of others sneaked out for some float and ride wave riding at Lanes and the multiple time Aloha Classic winner combines his usual flowing turns with textbook aerials. 

Morgan Noireaux: “This was my first Kona session since last winter. We don’t get a lot of port tack days on Maui so got to take advantage of it when you can! I figured it was going to be a fun day so I messaged Jake Miller from Aerial Video Maui to see if he could come down. He got some amazing drone shots (some of my favorites I blew it on unfortunately haha) and some cool land shots as well. All in all a classic Kona day with just a few friends."

You can see Morgan Noireaux tackling Lanes in Kona Winds @ vimeo.com/312294638

Photos: Si Crowther