The 2005 Fuerteventura PWA Slalom 42 World Cup – Day 4

Women triumphant again as the men are left close but no cigar!

Women triumphant again as the men are left close but no cigar!


Crystal clear, burning blue skies were the order of the day again this morning as sailors arrived at the beach to find a serene calm, with just a gentle breeze occasionally disturbing the surface of the azure blue Atlantic waters. As so accurately prophesized by the weathermen, the usually strong Sotavento winds were nowhere to be seen.


As the day bore on, temperatures climbed steadily higher, baking the fine white sand and all those who basked upon it. Soon after lunch the breeze began to build and gradually more and more sailors were tempted on to the water to try and catch one of the elusive gusts that would propel them smoothly over the crystal sea.


By three o’clock, what had started as a gentle breeze had developed into a more consistent wind and the race committee bit the bullet, opting to set a figure-eight course, ready for a four o’clock start.


It was the women’s fleet who first cut clean white lines through the course, blasting through the start and into their sixth final. Notably missing was event leader Valerie Ghibaudo who failed to show at the start and had to settle for last place in the round. In Ghibaudo’s absence, Karin Jaggi (F2) looked set to chalk up another win and led the fleet round the first and second gybes and all the way back up to the top of the course. Disastrously for Jaggi, she dropped her gybe at the penultimate mark giving Allison Shreeve (F2, Neil Pryde) a perfect opportunity to steal the lead. Catastrophe followed disaster though and Shreeve also ended up in the drink, allowing Verena Fauster (F2, Gaastra) to close right up. Under renewed pressure, Shreeve finally buckled and the Italian slipped by to take her first win of the event.


Straight into the men’s competition and there were no major upsets in the opening salvoes. The weather gods had other ideas however and just over half way through the first round the wind shut off never to return, leaving Dunkerbeck (North) and co frustrated once again.


The fleet has a lie in tomorrow due to a light forecast for the morning, but the action will be coming thick and fast from 12.30 onwards, so be sure to check back to to keep right up to date with the action.






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