Ulsan PWA World Cup

Day 2: A Morning Exploring Seoknamsa Temple Followed by an Afternoon Close Call

With light winds expected on the morning of Day 2 of the 2019 Ulsan PWA World Cup, the sailors were taken on a tour to explore the Seoknamsa Temple, which is situated around an hour away from Jinha Beach.

Seongnamsa Temple (석남사 울산) means ‘Southern Rock Temple’ because of its southern location in the Gaji Mountain range, was built in 824A.D. by monk Master Master Doui under the reign of King Heondeok with the hopes of preventing the country from foreign invasion.

However, in 1592 the temple was destroyed during the Japanese invasion and wasn’t rebuilt until 1674. Since then the temple has been rebuilt and expanded several times and now consists of 30 buildings with the temple now home to many Buddhist nuns. 

Getting to the temple itself requires a beautiful 1km walk along a pine canopied path, which is considered one of the best walks in the whole of South Korea.

The sailors returned to Jinha Beach at around 1pm and after a couple of hours of light winds and waiting there was soon a flurry of action as the wind kicked in almost out of nowhere. 

The original plan was to start with the Women’s Foil, but with a gnarly shore break and the wind gusting up to 19 knots attentions turned to the Slalom. However, it soon became apparent that racing would be almost impossible with the seaweed wreaking havoc due to the onshore winds. So, after a frenzy of rigging action, the sailors were released at 4:30pm.

The forecast for tomorrow indicates that the wind should swing back to its prevailing southwesterly direction, so the hope is that there will be less seaweed and that the first races of the week will be able to be completed. The latest forecast predicts shows moderate winds during the morning, so with this in mind the skippers’ meeting has been called for 8am (GMT+9) with the action commencing from 9am - if conditions allow. 

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