VLOG#31 | Racing In Germany

Lena Erdil May Still Be On The Road To Recovery, But She Is Still Trying To Raise The Profile of Women’s Windsurfing in Germany, While Setting Sights On The 2019 Waterz Festival

Just over a year ago, Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / AL360 / Chopper Fins) suffered a Lisfranc Fracture after landing a forward loop in Pozo Izquierdo. The road to recovery is proving to be a long one, as is normal with Lisfranc injuries, with the 30-year-old still battling to return to full fitness, but in the meantime Erdil has relocated to Germany where she is aiming to raise the profile of women’s windsurfing. 

Lena Erdil VLOG#31: “Welcome back to my VLOGS and Racing in Germany! 

I will try and keep them coming more regularly again, thanks for watching and subscribing to my Channel!

Special thanks for the footage in this Vlog to Valentin Böckler (Check out his Youtube Channel) and Kai-Nicolas Steimer.

This weeks Vlog is about the Multivan Windsurf Cup event in Damp last weekend. In the end we had only one day of slalom racing, but some really nice battles on the water and good conditions! I was racing with my large and medium boards always on my 7.1 Ac1. 

Since I've moved to Germany my mission has been to motivate more girls to start competing in Slalom. There's a great Windsurfing Cup Tour here, but unfortunately there hasn't been a women category for a long time! Having raced in Turkey only with other women all my life this was quite shocking for me to see. 

Here in Germany I have been racing with guys and even though it is of course great training for me, I understand how this is completely demotivating for a girl who is just starting to race. Having other girls to race with in Turkey and pushing ourselves while competing against each other has had a big impact on me as a racer. National tours is where it all begins. Racing against men the physical disadvantage of being less strong and heavy than most is one that is very hard to overcome, even when technically women could be better or just as good.  I hope I can be a part of developing the Girls windsurfing scene here in Germany.”

You’ll be able to see Lena Erdil in action again at the 2019 Waterz Festival, held in Hvide Sande, Denmark between 9th-14th September. For now though check out her latest VLOG @ https://youtu.be/-x6OTTccd4g