Injury Update

World Tour Leader Delphine Cousin Questel Faces Battle To Be Fit For Season Finale In New Caledonia

It seems there are a few injuries going around at the moment and the latest name to be hit by injury is 3-time Slalom World Champion - Delphine Cousin Questel (Starboard / S2Maui) - who has hurt her foot whilst free sailing. The current world tour leader remains in a very strong position before the season finale in New Caledonia, which starts on the 18th November, as a top 3 finish would guarantee her the 2019 world title. After suffering the first real injury of her career Marije Elgersma recently caught up with Delphine to find out more…

Hi Delphine, sorry to hear that you are injured, can you tell us what the injury is and how it happened? 

"It was approximatively a month ago just after Denmark. We had really nice wave sailing conditions and I decided to go for a free sail and just enjoy it. But at the end of the session I fell on a wave and my foot got stuck in the strap and got twisted… It’s not broken so that was the good news!" 

I read on your Instagram post, you never had an injury before, how do you deal with this for the first time? 

"Yes, it’s the first time and I have not been sailing for over a month now, I don’t think that it had happened to me before… It’s actually more difficult than I would think. I am so impatient to be back in the water as soon as possible. I have to be patient and it’s not something I am good at!"

What are you doing at the moment to recover as quick as possible? 

"The most important thing is to rest. I see a physiotherapist to help with the rehabilitation and to recover as quickly as possible. I am rather lucky because I can still do some sport and continue to prepare myself physically (biking, gym…) without impacting my foot." 

For you, and for us, the most important question… will you be fit for the last event of the season in New Caledonia? So you can defend your Slalom World Title, as you are currently leading the ranking?

"The physio is pretty confident about my participation in New Caledonia. Probably I will not be 100%, but it should be ok and I am doing my best to do just that! I want to be ready to fight with all other women for the World Title ! Now patience…" 

Thanks, Delphine. We wish you all the best with your recovery and hope to see you in New Caledonia