Lovely Holiday

Dynamic duo Magdalena and Beatrice are back at it - Join Sarah-Quita Offringa & Oda Brødholt on their latest adventure!

After their previous adventures - Beatrice and Magdalena are back... this time coming to you in the Canaries with a variety of freestyle and wave... 

Beatrice and Magdalena: “This time they’ve escaped the scorching summer in Europe and travelled down to Gran Canaria for another lovely holiday.

After their first trips to Brazil and Bonaire it looks like they’ve stepped up their game and are giving the waves a try.

Here comes terrible acting backed up by great action!

3, 2, 1... aaaand: GO !

This clip sums up all the fun and the amazing sessions we’ve had in the Canary Island’s this past summer. It's been a blast!!

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