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Freestyle World No.4 Youp Schmit Signs For Tabou & GA Sails & Sets His Sights On The World Title

Youp Schmit (Tabou / GA Sails) has left I-99 & Avanti Sails to join Tabou & GA Sails after enjoying his best season to date on the world tour - 4th overall. The 24-year-old sailed on Tabou and Gaastra as a youngster, but this is the first time that he has signed a professional contract with them! After his best season to date, and with the news that he is moving on to a new adventure, we recently caught up with Youp for an interview. 

You used to be on Tabou and Gaastra when you were growing up... how long were you with them and how does it feel to return them?

Indeed! I have been stoked on Gaastra/Tabou since a little kid, the other day I posted a little video on my social media! And I have been in touch with team manager Matt Prichard since a little kid but we never got a deal going. As my pro career took off in 2010 I signed with JP/NeilPryde. I was using the gear as I started off with freestyle and was in love with the gear, so I am stoked to be back! 

After your best season on tour - 4th overall - what are your goals for 2020?

The world championship title. 

Obviously in Sylt - you had to compete badly hampered by your knee after having recent knee surgery... are you back to full fitness now? 

Indeed, right before the finals of the world tour season I had a knee injury and surgery just 4 weeks before the world championship finals, I was stoked to have made it with the help of my physio and all the people supporting me to be able to make it happen, and to be a part of it, competing, and even advancing through some heats.

I had my knee taped up and in a knee brace, it was a big struggle but I was more than stoked to be there doing my thing! Right now I am almost 3 month further and got to recover perfect, and got to put a lot of work in getting my knee back in shape to take on anything! 

Will you be spending the winter on Bonaire? Or do you have some trips planned?

For now I will still be spending my time at home and training myself to be 100% top fit condition! To be ready to take on a training trip to Cape Town - looking for strong winds and radical conditions to get ready for the 2020 world tour! 

What are your first impressions of your new gear?

I am stoked to be on Gaastra/Tabou, the gear is looking very good! I like the sails - they are feeling great in my hands and the boards are feeling perfect under my feet! 

Thank you PWA World Tour for the interview, I was stoked answering every question!

All the best regards,
Youp Schmit

Thanks, Youp. Good luck with the rest of your recovery and see you in 2020.