February On Fire

Wild Winter Days With Martin ten Hoeve In Denmark

February was fairly epic by all accounts for Martin ten Hoeve (Flikka / KA Sail) with Denmark delivering a solid month of wind and waves… Lampy is now back in the Netherlands, which is one of the many countries now on lockdown, so with plenty of time on his hands he’s had the chance to have a look back over that footage and produce his latest video, which you can see @ vimeo.com/399130934

Martin ten Hoeve: “On these corona days I'm looking back on some pretty epic sessions from February.. It's been a windy one! That spot in Denmark has been funky last year due to extreme sandblasting messing up the banks, but finally it came together again like good old times! Here is some footage of a few different days…

Thanks Sara for filming!
Music from Kenzo
FLIKKAboards Ka.sail Acernum
Stay healthy!”