Eight Winters. One Day.

Training & Dedication Led to Success, But at the Cost of a Tragic Loss - Maciek Rutkowski’s New Documentary Covers it All

If you haven’t already seen it then now’s the perfect time to watch Maciek Rutkowski’s (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails) new documentary ‘Eight Winters. One Day.”, which tells the story of how many of today’s top racers reached the top and the journey they had to take in order to get there. 

Maciek Rutkowski: “I would just like to stress that this is not about me. I simply made this documentary, but it’s actually about the training, the rise of quite a few people in the racing world, Alberto [Menegatti], the day he died and his impact on our careers. It’s not some self-promotion gig, the subject was interesting to me and it all connects well so I made it into a film.”
Here’s the link: youtu.be/HxTk_pMUDYM