Youp Schmit Couldn’t Resist The Lure Of The Wind After Getting Stuck In Holland - Quarantine Sessions With The World No.4

Youp Schmit (Tabou / GA Sails) may have got stuck in Holland whilst on his way home to Bonaire due to cancelled flights, but that didn’t stop the world No.4 from getting his hands on some gear to sneak a session whilst in quarantine.

Youp Schmit: “So blessed to be on the water during these time of quarantine! On my way home I got stuck in Holland because of the coronavirus situation canceling all flights. Right away I saw the wind forecast & I had to find my way to the water! My friend hooked me up and now here’s a little clip of action! ”

You can see Youp Schmit’s quarantine session @ https://youtu.be/cIxLrDuDa2A