PWA World Cup Guincho Wave Contest 2006 Day Five

A new swell showed up today, and is due to build overnight and through tomorrow. Massive hope is pinned on last chance Sunday being windy as forecast. Locals too have given experienced nods when asked their opinion on whether wind will groom the peaks of this epic beachbreak.

With the PWA in town, the Saturday lunchtime hour saw large numbers of Estoril and Lisbon’s cosmopolitan residents flock to this beautiful beach. Who knows, maybe they'll be treated to an action extravaganza tomorrow should the Nortada wind shoot down the Sintra mountainside?

As yesterday was the lightest wind day so far, we ran to the hills above Guincho to catch up with Fanatic’s long-time shaper Sebastian Wenzel.

Wenzel and all the main forecasts agree that tomorrow holds the best chance of contestable conditions. Let’s hope his prediction is in line with his football prediction for Germany’s opening game!

Event sponsors Estoril Casino gave great hospitality to the sailors and guests of the PWA at their spectacular cabaret show and dinner last night. Riders and their guests were treated to the on-stage spectacle followed by a flutter on the roulette tables. With mixed fortune all-round you can’t help but see tomorrows chance of competition as being a gambling opportunity either.

The probabilities of notching up the first wave result of 2006 are wide open until the dying seconds of Sunday. The clock is ticking and the tension building…

See who the top seeds are and who’s drawn who should the tension be released in the MENS SINGLE ELIMINATION LADDER and LADIES SINGLE ELIMINATION LADDER.

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Keep those fingers crossed for wind!