Blast From The Past

With Jenna Gibson

Jenna Gibson (Fanatic / Duotone) has shown moments of magic in her first few seasons on the Slalom  PWA World Tour with the Brit showing she has plenty of potential to challenge for top honours in the future by winning her first elimination on the tour in only her third event - South Korea 2018. Up to now her best now her best result has been a 4th place in Denmark last year, whilst in 2018 she was ranked 6th in the overall rankings. Jenna is next up in ‘Blast From The Past’.

Hi Jenna, take us back to the memory of your very first windsurf experience - where were you?

It was in Gümüslük, near Bodrum, Turkey.

When was it?

I was about ten years old.

Who were you with? 

I was on holiday with my family, but my mum and dad were teaching me.

What do you remember from this very first “session”? 

I hated windsurfing so much the first time that I walked off (see picture) but I also remember crashing into some pretty expensive yachts… no damage done! 

Who was your local hero? 

My parents.

What equipment did you use? 

It was on a Mistrial flow board and a 1.5m  sail.

Describe the feeling when you were planing for the first time…

I think I planed for the first time at a lake in Poznan, Poland, I spent  all day every day on the water for a week

How did you realise that you were becoming a professional windsurfer?

Weymouth harbour my first slalom event… I used the same size sail as the men and did better than expected...

Give advice to the next generation…

Try everything once, enjoy it, and it's ok to walk off on the first session (like me).

Thanks, Jenna.