Blast From The Past

With Caterina Stenta

In our penultimate feature of ‘Blast From The Past’ - Italian wave sailor and stand up paddle boarder Caterina Stenta (RRD / RRD Sails / AL360 / Maui Ultra Fins) takes centre stage. Read on to find out more about Caterina’s first experiences whilst windsurfing…

Hey Caterina, take us back to the memory of your very first windsurf experience - where were you? 


When was it? 

Around 1997

Who were you with?

My parents and my brother.

What do you remember from that very first ‘session’? 

It was tiring and not really satisfying! 

Who was your local hero? 

My brother and his friends And why? They could all already plane.

What gear were you using? 

Old stuff from my parents.

Describe your feeling when you were planing for the first time…

From that first time planing I got hooked immediately, and I could finally understand the feeling of freedom from windsurfing.

How did you realise you were becoming a professional windsurfer? 

I decided to join the World Tour to improve my skills, and then I found myself dedicating most of my life to it for few years, but it's not really a profession.

Give a tip for the next generation…

Just have fun and the rest will eventually come!

Thanks, Caterina.