2020 Aloha Classic

Update Regarding This Year's Aloha Classic Being Postponed Until 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create challenges around the world, the decision has been taken by the PWA and IWT, to suspend planning for a 2020 Aloha Classic and, focus instead, on efforts to bring the event back for 2021.
The pandemic has created difficulties on many levels. There are still significant restrictions for people travelling to Maui from outside the US, and Maui County have rightly put measures in place to help the fight against COVID-19, which further complicate event planning, increasing costs and limitations on what is possible.
We thank the Maui County administration and Mayor Vitorino for their patient communication and efforts during what is undoubtedly a testing time and, whilst the loss of the event will be a blow to the County and the local economy, the safety and well being of the population of Maui, which includes many of our friends, must come first.
The additional pressures on the global economy have also made it increasingly difficult to find suitable sponsorship for the event in this turbulent year.
With all of these factors combined, we have had to accept the reality that to proceed any further with the Aloha Classic would be unrealistic.
We know this will be dissapointing to the many people who love the event, and look forward to it each year, but we will continue to keep you entertained with other news and stories from around the windsurfing world, through the website and our social media channels, so make sure to follow us on:
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