The 2006 PWA Costa Teguise Super-X World Cup Event Summary

The worlds best Men and Women Super-X racers arrived in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, fresh from the action packed Costa Brava World Cup. All the closely matched main players had scores to settle in deciding who’d walk away with the 2006 crown, but no-one would’ve guessed the battle to win both the event, and the 2006 championships would go down to the wire in such spectacular fashion.

Super-X, the PWA’s exclusive race format, throws high speed downwind slalom racing together with inflatable jump obstacles. Added mandatory freestyle tricks, ensure the lead changes constantly, and guarantees gnarly crashes for spectators.

Two times world champion Matt Pritchard (US-10 Tabou / Gaastra), his brother and current tour leader, Kevin Pritchard (US-3 Starboard / Maui Sails), vice-champion Cyril Moussilmani (F-71, Fanatic/ North Sails) and current world number two Antoine Albeau (F-192 Starboard / Neil Pryde Sails), were part of a strong fleet of competitors. Any number of dark horses could still step in and with a €45,000 purse on offer, there’d be no prisoners taken as the action kicked off on June 27th.

With silverware up for grabs, women’s world champion Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2 / North Sails), 2005 runner-up Junko Nagoshi (J-11 F2 / Simmer Sails), and the outrageously talented, wave-destroying twin sisters Daida Moreno (E-64, Mistral/ North Sails) and Iballa Moreno (E-63, Mistral/ North Sails) also came to tough it out in the physically demanding and hectic world that is Super-X racing.

In previous seasons, conditions at Costa Teguise have ranged from big surf and nuclear winds, to traditional Canarian breezes and flatter seas. But in PWA Super-X, thrills and spills are standard regardless of conditions. With grandstand seats available, the Las Cucharas point gives tourist sailors plenty of space to sail alongside the dedicated PWA arena. A trip to watch the spectacle is a must, especially if combined with a windsurfing holiday like many of those who showed up to watch did!

Day One

A positive forecast for the weeks conditions, got the event centre buzzing, as the men’s and women’s fleets prepared their equipment for action.

Race One

Race one was scheduled to get underway at 12.30. Course conditions were reasonable with most sailors on sail sizes around 7.0sqm. First up were the ladies as a 5 leg course was set with long reaches, and 3 inflatable jumps.

Karin Jaggi lead from the start and passed mark one in the lead. However Daida and Iballa caught up as the fleet bunched together during their forward loops. Daida’s acceleration from there onwards allowed her to take Karin by mark 3 and finish first, with Jaggi in second and Junko Nagoshi third.

There were no surprises in men’s heat one, and Nik Baker (K-66, Mistral/ North Sails) looked in fine form, beating Kevin Pritchard in heat two.

In race one’s final, tour leader Kevin Pritchard, steamed through the pack from the start line all the way to the first duck gybe, pursued by Robby Swift (K-89, JP/ Neil Pryde). But Baker in fourth, overtook Swift, and caught up with Kevin after the first forward loop and throughout leg 3, whilst Albeau moved up into 3rd. The leading three sailors first spocks were all good, but Baker got great exit speed from his to take the lead, before falling on the second spock, letting Kevin through in first. Nik finished second with Albeau in third place. Defending world champ, Matt Pritchard fell on a sausage jump and limped home in seventh.

Race Two

A second race was scheduled for 14.40. Matt Pearch (K-16, F2 / North Sails) had a dream start to heat one, leading off the line with team mate Baker breathing down his neck. But it was experienced player Matt Pritchard who kept his head, and crept up on Pearch and Baker by mark two to win and qualify for the final.

Peter Volwater (H-24 F2 / North Sails) had a nightmare start to heat two being over early and disqualified. Nicholas Reynes (F-456 Tabou / Gaastra) lead with Kevin Pritchard chasing whilst Cyril Moussilmani steered his way into the lead by mark two and through the course to qualify in first.

The ladies final started perfectly for Junko Nagoshi who sped into mark one in the lead as a pile-up on the first jump slowed most of the fleet. Daida Moreno was in second and pressurised Junko successfully into crashing her forward loop. Daida won and Junko recovered well to finish second with Astrid Muldoon (F-002 JP / Neil Pryde) in third.

The men’s final involved drama when event and series leader, Kevin Pritchard was disqualified for being over early, widening the gap for those waiting in the wings. A battle of the French ensued as Antoine Albeau got a flying start with countryman Moussilmani snapping at his heels. Moussilmani made an excellent duck gybe, to stylishly pass Albeau inside. However in the spirit of Super-X, the lead changed again as Moussilmani dropped his first spock. Albeau and Moussilmani then both dropped their second spocks, but Moussilmani was up on his feet faster and up to speed to take first place. Consistent Nik Baker followed through in 2nd place with Robby Swift in 3rd, and Albeau recovering for 4th.

Day Two

After an excellent opening day of competition, Nik Baker sat in pole position overnight, with Cyril Moussilmani in second. Skippers meeting was set for 11.00am, where Race director Juan Antonio Aragon set a similar 5 leg course to day one, putting out 3 inflatable jumps, but with different compulsory maneuvers.

Race 3

The start of race 3 was scheduled for 13.00 as the lunchtime trade wind filled in, but the wind backed off slightly, and racing was delayed. Eventually Race 3 started without any surprises in the first heat, although Matt Pritchard and Robby Swift were lucky to qualify for the final. Cyril Moussilmani showed his intent as he confidently took heat two ahead of a business like Antoine Albeau.

The final had an incredibly close start as three sailors crossed right on the gun, with Albeau at the upwind end of the line, Matt Pritchard in the middle and Kevin Pritchard taking the downwind end and the shortest route to the first mark. Albeau gained the lead and rounded mark one in first pursued by Moussilmani and Pritchard, who then sneakily took Moussilmani on the inside at the mark one duck gybe. Pritchard then sped too far downwind on the second leg and had to pinch upwind to make mark two, as Moussilmani and Albeau overtook.

By mark three Nik Baker had worked his way up to third place, and on leg 4 leader Albeau crashed his spock making way for Moussilmani, who completed a sketchy second spock with Baker fast approaching and Swift hot on his heels.

Moussilmani raced over the line for a well deserved first, with Baker in second, and Swift in third. At this time Baker kept the lead for the event so far, ahead of Moussilmani by only 0.4 points.

Astrid Muldoon started race 3 in first as Karin Jaggi pursued her to the first duck gybe. During the second reach Jaggi scraped past Muldoon to take the lead by the third mark, whilst the Moreno twins struggled in the temporarily lighter winds. Jaggi’s lead grew on the fourth reach and Junko Nagoshi overtook Muldoon after a quicker forward loop, as Daida caught up. Karin won by a good distance with Junko in second and Daida Moreno in third.

Race 4

The 4th race was penciled in to start at 15.00. In Heat one Albeau and Volwater's speed was not enough to beat the consistent planing spocks of Taty Frans (NB-9, Starboard/ MauiSails) who took first. All the form players in heat two progressed as well with slalom 42 expert Ross Williams (GBR-83, Tabou/ Gaastra) showing dangerous speed, and precision starting skill.

Albeau and Kevin Pritchard hit the start line simultaneously in the final and Albeau led down the first reach as Matt Pritchard overtook brother Kevin to hit the first mark in second place. Matt followed until he crashed his first spock, letting Kevin past after he completed his spock planing. On the last reach Matt overtook Kevin and won the race after Albeau dropped his second spock. The Frenchman made a lightning waterstart recovery to claim second just ahead of Kevin Pritchard who flew over the line in third position.

Karin Jaggi started the women’s race way ahead of the rest of the fleet. However Daida Moreno classily took Jaggi at the first mark after motoring down the first reach to play catch-up. Superior speed saw her stretch that lead considerably over Jaggi to win ahead of the Swiss girl, as a good race for third place was fought between Muldoon and Nagoshi.

The fourth race discard meant no change at the top as Baker clung on to the event leader’s position, with Moussilmani only still 0.4 points behind.

Race 5

Race 5 started around 16.00 and after 4 races Moussilmani blew his second overall place by failing to qualify for the final. All the other usual suspects progressed with the main players chomping at the bit for the day’s final bout.

Another synchronized start by Kevin Pritchard and Antoine Albeau kicked off the final and Albeau pushed into the lead approaching mark one, as Matt Pritchard thundered up behind them in third. That was how it stayed until they passed the third mark before the first spock. Kevin Pritchard crashed his, allowing Matt to move up into second place, whilst Albeau’s super clean maneuver extended his lead. Albeau’s second spock was another beauty, but this time both Matt and third placed Kevin crashed theirs! Baker failed to make ground on the floundering Pritchard’s, and his second spock fall cost him the overall event lead, as Taty Frans rolled into second behind Albeau, whilst Matt Pritchard recovered to claim third.

An action packed Race 5 women’s final started as Karin Jaggi got a great start and led all the way to the first mark, whilst Iballa Moreno, in second, caused a huge pile-up at the first jump! Daida Moreno managed to pick her way through the carnage, and made good ground during the first forward loop leg and took the lead. At the second jump it was Jaggi’s turn to cause another massive crash, whilst Daida extended her now unassailable lead and crossed the finish line un-challenged. Iballa sailed well to claim second with Jaggi clocking third.

Day Three

Overnight it was Antoine Albeau and Daida Moreno who’d occupied the top slots. Similar conditions to day two were expected, and Juan Antonio Aragon held the Skippers meeting at 11.30. Competitors were placed on half-hourly standby until the wind increased slightly around 15.30, whilst the race crew went out to tweak the course, and many riders went on the water to practice. Due to slightly lighter winds, spocks instead of forward loops were nominated as the compulsory moves with 3 inflatable jumps spread over 5 reaches.

Race 6

Heats one and two of race 6 were started but heat 2 was cancelled due to easing winds. The committee boat raised the Z flag, and sent the fleet back to the beach to standby for more suitable conditions. Later the wind improved and heat 2 was completed, where leader Albeau was lucky to qualify after scraping through in 5th place.

The final’s start was re-called as Taty Frans; the culprit for being over early, was sent back to the beach. The second attempt saw the whole fleet cross simultaneously, but Albeau accelerated into the lead by mark one, where Robby Swift snaked inside Kevin Pritchard for second position. Further behind the leaders, a poor start by Matt Pritchard was rectified as he sped down the first reach, before taking three places during the first duck gybe.

Albeau, Swift and Kevin Pritchard’s first spocks were all clean, but Kevin’s speed allowed him to gain the lead as they approached the second mark. Swift pursued, but crashed his second spock letting Albeau and Peter Volwater overtake, until Albeau crashed his second spock. Volwater and Swift sped past Albeau, before Volwater crashed into the final jump, tangling Swift up in the process. As Kevin crossed the finish to win, an amazing recovery by his brother Matt was being completed. Top speed and planing spocks helped him pick his way through the fleet, and past the recovering Swift and Volwater to complete an impressive comeback and take second place. Swift shrugged off Volwater to claim third place, just ahead of Albeau and a chasing Nik Baker.

Karin Jaggi flew straight into the lead off the start line in the ladies final, and sped to the first jump where she crashed spectacularly allowing Iballa Moreno to take the lead before she fell on the second jump! Daida Moreno took over with Junko Nagoshi in second and Jaggi now in third. On the third reach Jaggi gained speed and completed a superb forward loop taking Nagoshi. More drama followed when Daida Moreno, in sight of the finish line, wiped-out on jump three allowing Jaggi her win. Daida got second place and Astrid Muldoon followed up well to score third place.

Kevin Pritcard took his turn to spend the night as winner. Daida Moreno remained un-challenged in the ladies fleet.

Day Four

At the morning skippers meeting, Juan Antonio Aragon presented his course details. Still 5 downwind reaches, but slightly shorter than day three’s, 3 inflatable jumps, and two spocks, and one forward loop as the compulsory moves. Race 7

By 12.45 there was enough wind to give racing a try. First up were the men. Heats one and two of Race 7 were cancelled as gusty winds made it impossible to complete the course fairly. The next possible start was set at 13.15 and super light wind and soaring temperatures meant the competitors waited on half hour standby until around 16.00 when the trades kicked in and competition eventually started.

Heat one was re-called after an over-eager Ross Williams was cited for being over the line early and disqualified. Matt Pritchard won easily with good performances by Kevin Mevissen (H-79, JP/ NeilPryde) in second, and Robby Swift in third. All the usual suspects advanced from heat two.

Ross Williams made up for his earlier mistake with a textbook start to the losers final. John Skye (K-57, F2 / North Sails) hustled well to gain the lead, but fell at the second duck gybe where a pile-up slowed the fleet. Skye recovered well to win and steady trickery from Nicholas Akgazciyan (F400 Neil Pryde Sails) won him second place ahead of Phil Horrocks (K-303, JP/ NeilPryde).

The ladies start involved Iballa Moreno leading before Karin Jaggi picked her off by mark one. Behind there was carnage as the rest of the women were tangled up on jump one. Another smooth forward from Jaggi got her underway and ahead of the pack and into what looked like a certain victory. The cut and thrust world of Super-X racing can be ultra harsh, as Jaggi found out, crashing badly on the third and last jump. Iballa overtook and won the race with Daida Moreno capitalizing to get second and Astrid Muldoon third.

The gun for Men’s Race 7 final fired as Frenchmen Cyril Moussilmani (F-71, Fanatic/ North Sails) and Antoine Albeau crossed perfectly. Albeau led to mark one with Moussilmani chasing approaching mark two. Meanwhile, Matt Pritchard was repeating his form of yesterday by starting last, before taking six places at the first duck gybe! At the same mark, Kevin Pritchard shunted Nik Baker putting them both out of the game.

Albeau held his own until mark three, pursued by Moussilmani and Peter Volwater in third. The top three’s forward loops were all cleanly executed, but steady sailing from Taty Frans saw him past Moussilmani and Volwater to round mark four in second place. Meanwhile Albeau had made certain of his victory, winning by a massive margin. Caribbean freestyle master Frans, celebrated his second place by busting out a one handed spock on the final reach, and Volwater rolled home in third.

Albeau’s victory let him re-gain his event lead over tour leader Kevin Pritchard. Daida Moreno held her lead overnight despite sister Iballa Moreno winning race 7, and huge pressure from 2005 Champion Karin Jaggi.

Day Five

As the clock ticked, it became increasingly unlikely Matt Pritchard would claim a third consecutive world title. Third placed Matt needed nothing short of disaster striking for both event leader Antoine Albeau, and brother Kevin. With a maximum of four races to complete before the end of play on Saturday. the chances were there’d be two new world champions crowned by nightfall.

Skippers meeting was held at 09.30 and sailors placed on quarterly hour standby as moderate trades were forecast to show early, and then to lighten. Around 13.00 the wind became suitable and Race Director Aragon sent the competitors out to start Race 8.

Race 8

Everyone who was expected to progress from heat one did and the spotlight turned to heat two from where Albeau and Kevin Pritchard desperately needed to advance. Almost flawless sailing by both Albeau, and Pritchard saw them finish first and second respectively, with Cyril Moussilmani in third. Kevin Mevissen was unlucky not to qualify by blowing his forward loop.

The final predictably involved Kevin Pritchard and Albeau gaining flying starts, but Peter Volwater clawed into second place by the first duck gybe, whilst Nik Baker crashed on jump one. It was Albeau, Volwater and Matt Pritchard all in front of Kevin on the second reach, but Kevin dropped his spock, and Matt caught Volwater and rounded mark two in second. Matt Pritchard and Albeau both fell on their second spocks, but Matt got back on his feet first, whilst Albeau covered well and re-gained the lead to take the win. Matt took second ahead of Kevin in third.

There was a general recall on starting the women’s eighth race. At the second attempt Daida Moreno, with an event lead to protect, ensured she made a no risk clean air start well away from the pack. Junko Nagoshi led to mark one as Karin Jaggi crashed the first jump. Daida then took Nagoshi during the first duck gybe and extended her lead on the second reach. Jaggi had progressed no further than fourth by reaching the third mark, and so it finished Daida Moreno first, Nagoshi second and Astrid Muldoon third.

With Albeau and Moreno still leading the event, Race 9 was called to start straight away.

Race 9

Heat one must have been nerve-wracking for Kevin Pritchard, as he scraped through to qualify for the final by the skin of his teeth in fifth position. Heat two was then cancelled due to large patches of light winds before the women’s Race 9 was held.

Astrid Muldoon sped off the start line first pursued by Karin Jaggi, but Iballa Moreno crashed on Jump one with Daida Moreno trailing. Muldoon didn’t make her forward loop allowing Jaggi the lead towards the second mark. Jaggi kept in front around the third duck gybe ahead of Muldoon, and a fast approaching Daida Moreno. Jaggi, stayed cool, jumping the final obstacle cleanly and won followed by Muldoon for a well deserved second and Daida Moreno settling for third position.

Heat 2 was unable to be re-sailed at this point and the Z flag was raised sending the sailors to the beach for lunch and to remain on standby. At 16.45 the wind reached a suitable level to start again. First up was the re-sail of heat two cancelled earlier, which Albeau, looking menacing, won easily.

Albeau’s luck was consolidated when Kevin Pritchard was disqualified for being over the line early, guaranteeing Albeau his world title. The re-sail was exciting regardless when a lightning fast Matt Pritchard raced to beat Albeau over the first jump, as Nik Baker and Peter Volwater snatched second and third place around the first duck gybe. Albeau’s slow spock cost him more distance whilst Pritchard extended his impressive lead and won. Volwater looked certain of second until he fell on the final jump letting Taty Frans (NB-9, Starboard / MauiSails) come through for second whilst Volwater recovered for third. Albeau came in sixth but it didn’t affect his event ranking and 2006 title victory.

Daida Moreno and Antoine Albeau take the Super-X World Titles for the first times in their career histories after a week of exceptional racing in Costa Teguise. Super-X ‘s tough courses and demanding maneuvers make for a rollercoaster ride of lead changes between fierce rivals. This event demonstrated that, and was the perfect example of all-round windsurfing skill put to the ultimate test. The PWA World Tour now heads to Gran Canaria for more explosive action in wavesailing, Slalom 42 and Freestyle. The action starts on July 7th so be sure to tune in here for daily live updates.

The 2006 PWA Costa Teguise Super-X World Cup Men’s Results
The 2006 PWA Costa Teguise Super-X World Cup Women’s Results

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Men’s Elimination 2
Men’s Elimination 3
Men’s Elimination 4
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Men’s Elimination 6
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2006 Men’s Overall Super X Ranking
2006 Women’s Overall Super X Ranking

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