Miss vs Don't Miss

What Do Giovanni Passani, Oda Brødholt & Marine Hunter Miss Most About Competing?

Next up to share what they miss most about competing, and also what they don’t miss, are Italian freestyler - Giovanni Passani (Tabou / GA Sails / AL360) - Norwegian freestyler come wave & slalom sailor - Oda Brødholt (Starboard / Severne / Maui Ultra Fins) - and French wave sailor - Marine Hunter (KA Sail). 

Giovanni Passani

1) Adrenaline rush, advancing, losing, the voice of Ben Proffitt, motivation, reason to live.

2) German food, German weather, German sea, much love to Germany

Oda Brødhot

1) I am missing the competition excitement and the sick feeling after a good heat! And that you push yourself outside the comfort zone every contest, the strong wind and the good vibes on tour with all my friends! 

2) The board bag checkins at airports... 

Marine Hunter

1) Competitions set deadlines and goals which motivate me to push myself much more than when I simply freesail. I think I miss those deadlines to get more motivation for improving my sailing, especially for jumping which is the thing I'm the most scared about. The conditions are not always easy and it's a great learning experience every time. I also miss everybody! For me competitions mean seeing friends again, meeting and bonding with new people, discovering different places, getting good vibes, creating good memories! I also love watching really intense heats when my friends are on the water or when two sailors are going all out and bring magic into these 12 or so minutes. 

2) Long days outside in the cold, the stress from the travel especially when I have to take the plane, the fatigue I accumulate throughout the year while juggling with work, training and competing, the pressure I put myself under which is not always very productive, early skippers’ meetings, being bound by a heat order, and what I do not miss at all is freesailing on a spot packed with super efficient pros ^^ it's super inspiring and at the time I have to stay focused all the time to be able to catch a wave or find a free spot to jump which gets a little tiring. 

Thanks Giovanni, Oda & Marine