Injury Update

Sebastian Kornum Undergoes Surgery on Both Arms to Resolve Ongoing Issues

Sebastian Kornum (JP / NeilPryde) has been plagued by injuries for the last year or so, but even so the Dane managed to finish 8th overall on the 2019 PWA Foil World Tour - recording 3 top 10 results - 4th in Japan, whilst finishing 8th in both Costa Brava and Sylt. The 28-year-old recently went under the knife to try and resolve issues with both arms and everyone from the PWA wishes Sebastian a quick recovery! You can read more from Sebastian below:

Sebastian Kornum: “The past year has been challenging, as I’ve been struggling with injuries. I have dealt with a torn tendon in my right elbow as well as arm pump in both my forearms due to compartment syndrome. The latter I’ve had for years, and we suspect that I’ve compensated for the loss of function in a way where I’ve overloaded other muscles, causing my secondary tendon injury.
Yesterday I underwent an operation, cutting open my fascia. We hope that this surgery not only will improve my compartment syndrome symptoms, but also allow a full recovery of the injury in the elbow.

I must admit that it has been tough mentally to be constantly inhibited by this injury. Being unable to train as much as I want and being forced to lower the intensity has been difficult. Being an athlete, I felt guilty when I was not able to move forward and achieve results. Luckily, I have had great people behind me to back me up all the way. @teamdanmark, sponsors, friends, family and my girlfriend. Thanks for the patience and support! You keep me motivated. I’m now going into a rehabilitation period, determined to come back even stronger in the season of 2021. Stay tuned and stay safe.”

For a photo update you can check Sebastian Kornum's Instagram: @sebastiankornum