Dakhla Dreaming

Julien Mas Enjoyed Lockdown a Lot More Than Most

Julien Mas (GUNSAILS) got stuck in Dakhla, Morocco, for lockdown, but for the Frenchman that was a blessing in disguise by the sounds of it with Mas having the time of his life, whilst enjoying Dakhla’s consistent trade winds and mirror flat water.

Julien Mas (GUNSAILS): “lockgolddown”! In March 2020, a terrific virus like in the movies show up from “Batman’s friends” really??… And the world kind of stop Windsurfing! Damn…I couldn’t go back home when the lockdown took place. This is something I will never forget. Imagine a hotel like Dakhla attitude where there is normally around 300 people, empty… just for you and 10 others friends. This is exactly what happened and it was crazy! Many times we thought we were in a TV show because what we were living was absolutely unreal regarding worldwide situation! Gym in the morning, slack line before lunch, windsurf and kitesurfing in the afternoon… evening with your friend (ping-pong, pool, cinema, pétanque, party and more…)”

You can see Julien Mas’ lockdown show @ youtu.be/d7uGHTMjtAs