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Frontside Wave 360

The frontside 360 needs perfect timing, positioning and wave reading to be executed properly, but when done properly it is one of the best looking wave moves out there. The frontside wave 360 may be quite technically advanced, but if you are able to carry plenty of speed through your bottom turns already then it might be time to spice up your sailing and add a few attempts of frontside 3 to your next session. To help you out with understanding the move more here are some top tips from several pros.

Adam Lewis (Fanatic / Duotone):

“For this move it’s mainly about timing and position - the movement itself is quite simple. You need to take as much speed as you possibly can into it and try and get yourself right into the pocket of the wave as positioning is critical for 360s- then you can use the power of the wave to knock you around and back into the wave. You have to aim to go as vertical as you possibly can and then present as much of the board as possible to the wave.”

Antoine Martin (JP / NeilPryde):

“ For me the most important thing for the frontside wave 360 is finding a good section to perform the move off. It all depends on the wave, you need a steep section and to be right in the pocket.”

Dany Bruch (Bruch Boards / Flight Sails / AL360):

“Find a nice wave and make sure you create a lot of speed in your bottom turn, then get as vertical as possible or even further if possible - 11 o’clock - at this point throw with your hips and pull your head back so you get the power of the wave to rotate you through the move.”

Alex Mussolini (Challenger Sails):

“My tip is that it’s all about timing, which requires time on the water and practise. It’s really important to be able to select the right wave and make sure you are in the critical section, so the wave throws you around.”