Can You Actually Compete on an Old School 1990s Raceboard? Maciek Rutkowski Tries to Find Out

Maciek Rutkowski is back after a short break with episode 15 of #WINDSURFLIFE. This time the Pole investigates whether a racing board from the 90s can compete with today's offerings.

Maciek Rutkowski (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails): "It's time to dust off the channel and kick things off in style. This time, I'm testing out the 1999 Mistral Windsurfing Board and seeing how it can perform in a real competition. I will be comparing it to the current racing gear, having a look at the differences and similarities and seeing what it's actually like to sail in some real life heats.

The video was shot in March 2020 in Rewa, Poland, during one of the Polish National events."

You can see episode 15 of WINDSURFLIFE @ youtu.be/cIt43e3rhPs