Next Generation Siblings Lina & Val Erzen Take The Hotseat


Up next in our 'Siblings' feature are another pair of next generation windsurfers - both of whom compete on the PWA Youth Freestyle World Tours, so without further ado its over to Lina Eržen (Flikka / Duotone) and Val Eržen (Flikka / Duotone). 

- Who are you, how old are you and who is your sibling?

Lina: I am Lina Erzen  and I am 15 years old. I am professional windsurfer from Slovenia.

Val: I am Val Erzen from Slovenia and I am 13 years old.

- At what age did you start windsurfing?

Lina: I started windsurfing when I was about 7 years old.

Val: I started windsurfing when I was 5 years old with my sister Lina.

- Were your parents also windsurfing?
Our parents were windsurfing, but just for fun. My father still joins us on the water sometimes!

- Did you both work towards competing at a high level in windsurfing?

When we were little we both started windsurfing just for fun. In 2016 Val joined his first ever windsurfing competition (Martini EFPT Croatia). Since then we both wanted to compete. The feeling of competing and being on tour with friends its just amazing. This year me and my brother did only 3 competitions and to be honest it feels like the season  haven't even started yet.

- How is it to travel to the same events all over the world?

Lina: I am always super exited when we go to some competitions around the world because i know i will meet lots of new friends and also see lots of new places.

Val: I always love to travel around the world for competitions because I always meet new friends, get some new experience and see a lot of new beautiful places.

- Are you helping each other during an event or are you focusing on your own event only?

We train together all the time and help each other on the water and out. When it comes to competitions we always help each other.

- What’s a weird habit of your sibling?

Lina: Whenever we go somewhere with a car my brother always wants to seat in the front also if it's my turn.

Val: My sister when she wakes up always goes to see our cats first never something else. 

- What do you both have in common?

One thing about me and Lina is that we are both super competitive.

- What is the funniest thing that happened on tour together with your sibling?

It was in 2018 at EFPT Brouwersdam competition. It was a day before the competition started. Some of our friends from Slovenia texted us and just said "see you there in a few days". Of course we didn't take it serious. We just remembering that moment coming out of the water and seeing them cheering for us. It felt like we were home!

Only one word answer possible, your siblings name or the word ‘me’...

Who is faster? Val
Who takes longer to get ready to go on the water? Val
Who has more windsurfing gear? Same
Who has won more windsurfing medals? Lina
Who room is a mess? It’s funny but our rooms are most of the time clean

Thanks Lina & Val, keep on pushing the sport and your skills!