Freestyle Friday

Looking to Learn to Ponch? Here's Some Top Tips

Since it’s invention the ponch has become a staple on the PWA Freestyle World Tour and is still seen regularly on today’s circuit, while also progressing into futures (ponch in flaka) and carrying a heavy influence on moves like the burner and culo. If you can flaka then you are ready to try this move, but although the ponch may not be the most technically difficult move it will require a certain level of bravery to throw yourself into your first rotations

Adrien Bosson (Fanatic / Duotone / Maui Ultra Fins): “For the ponch, I would recommend that you should be able to control perfectly the flaka because the approach is the same and the pop similar. The easiest conditions are with side/side off wind and waves, like this you can use the waves to pop and just work on the rotation or with onshore winds off the back of the swell/chop.  On flat water you will need a solid pop, which makes it harder to learn. 

For the first try it is better to not be too overpowered, it is important to have the timing with the chop/waves and to be sailing fully downwind to have no power in the sail. The ponch isn't a technical move, commitment and speed are the most important. With the speed you can pop and neutralise the sail and rotate with commitment. 

For the rotation, while throwing the sail upwind you will need to twist your body to put it above your boom. Important: your board has to follow your body otherwise you’re gonna stop the rotation, plus push on your arms to keep your sail stable without wind. You can look at the top of your sail, this will eventually help.

For the landing, be ready to bend your legs (the landing can be hard) and lean backwards (to the wind) to pull up your sail.”

Good luck on your ponch journey.