Pumping Tenia

Hawaii isn’t the only place where the waves have been pumping as Tenia, New Caledonia, also experienced a huge swell last week. Watch Antoine Albert there now

It seems that there have been an abundance of huge swells this week with New Caledonia being the latest place to experience massive waves. Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing) is back on the water after a couple of injuries and was on hand to head to New Caledonia’s premier wave spot - Tenia.

Antoine Albert: “Short clip about the big swell that hit New Caledonia on Thursday 21/01/2021.
Camera: Gill Chabaud
Edit: Antoine Albert
Riders: Antoine Albert / Yoan Despujols / Flavien Sarciaux / Alex Janin”

You can see Antoine Albert in ‘Pumping Tenia’ @ youtu.be/Zwgh8pcG98s