Foil Freestyle

Foil Freestyle is on the Rise & Sam Esteve is one of the Pros Adopting the Foil Revolution - See the Result of his Latest Training in Dakhla Now

Balz Müller (MB-Boards / Severne Sails) is no doubt still the most famous Foil Freestyler at the moment with the Swissman leading the way with his innovative approach to foiling, which has caught many an eye. However, with Foils to be allowed on the 2021 PWA Freestyle World Tour a few of the other pros have started training hard on foils to ensure they don’t lose too much ground. One of those sailors is Sam Esteve (JP / NeilPryde), who has been training hard in Dakhla earlier this year.

Sam Esteve: “Best moments of my Windsurf Foil Freestyle training in Dakhla Morocco January 2021. 

Edit by Baptiste Vignaud

Thanks to my partners : Neilpryde / JP Australia / Pep's House / Freak”

You can see Sam Esteve’s radical new Foil Freestyle edit @