Blue Highway

Blue, Blue, Electric Blue - Cruising Around Aruba with Ethan Westera

Ethan Westera has just released his first full video for a while, which sees the 23-year-old cruising around the beautiful bluue waters of Aruba, which he is lucky enough to call home.

Ethan Westera (Tabou / GA Sails): "Sailing around with my 2021 Gaastra sails and Tabou boards.
Hope you guys like it! 

Rider: Ethan Westera ARU-4
Sponsored by Gaastra windsurfing, Tabou windsurfing, F-hot fins, CDM, AWSC. 
Spot: Aruba, Fisherman's hut.
Filmed and Produced by FRWRD. creative agency."

You can see Ethan Westera cruising over the beautiful blue waters of Aruba @