The Windsurfing.TV Podcast

Episode #36 with Lena Erdil

This week's episode of The Windsurfing.TV Podcast sees Maciek Rutkowski (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails) interviewing top female racer - Lena Erdil (Starboard / Point-7 / Chopper Fins) - who is an ever present figure on the podium. 

The Windsurfing Podcast: “Lena Erdil has tried her hand at all disciplines of windsurfing and now is part of the PWA management team. In this podcast she goes back to the start and tells us how she found windsurfing and the love for slalom racing. Almost braking the women’s speed record at Luderitz was also a highlight and we hear some great stories from this period. The motivation for wave sailing ended with injury but she fighting back in the slalom and now with the IQ foil competitions. Recently her influence has helped see equal prize money come into the sport and Lena and Maciek have a good debate about all the pro’s and con’s. Lena’s knowledge and experience comes across in this compelling podcast, sit back and enjoy!!

0:00 Intro, Background

6:09 PWA debut, training and studies
15:45 3x vice champ, broken foot, training targets
20:25 Speed records, Luderitz experience
30:42 Getting into and loving wavesailing
37:46 IQ Foiling experience
47:20 Equal prize money, improving opportunities for women
1:04:27 Working for Starboard
1:12:55 Sausage sponsors, being dropped by Red Bull
1:21:06 Quickfire”

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