The Windsurfing.TV Podcast

Episode #37 with the Hauser's - Living the Maui Dream

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The Windsurfing.TV Podcast: "Casey and Sarah Hauser are both charging Jaws and pushing the limits in Maui. Coming from different worlds, Casey lake sailing in the US and Sarah growing up in the paradise that is New Caledonia they found each other in Maui. It is a crazy story from Sarah driven to pursue professional windsurfing finds herself in the mecca of wavesailing and meets a chatty guy who helps her on that path. Now established as one of the best female wave riders in the world Sarah has taken an interesting pathway to make it achieve most of her goals. Listen to one of the top windsurfing couples take on everything from hosting Maciek to the state of windsurfing in the US.

0:00​ Intro, both sailing Jaws
15:14​ New Caledonia, Sarah background
20:56​ California, Casey background
26:35​ Windsurfing scene in USA
34:00​ Meeting in Maui, work/life balance
46:45​ Training the Pro's
54:00​ Women in windsurfing, finding a path
1:06:23​ Making the movie 'Girl on Wave'
1:13:32​ The future, pushing wave moves and winging
1:22:52​ Quickfire"

Photo Credit: Fish Bowl Diaries