Learning to Learn

Graham Ezzy Coaches Former Aloha Classic Champion Sarah Hauser How to Wave 360 & also Discusses Learning to Learn

During the entire COVID-19 pandemic Graham Ezzy has been running numerous online coaching sessions and taking questions and answers to try and improve recreational windsurfers sailing. However, as a world class wave sailor Ezzy is also well equipped to help push the best sailors in the world to also improve their sailing, which brings us onto his new series ‘Learning to Learn’, which sees Ezzy teaching Sarah Hauser (Tabou / S2Maui) how to wave 360 - whilst also looking into the methodology of learning.

Learning to Learn: “Graham Ezzy coaches Sarah Hauser on the windsurfing wave 360. In this series, we follow Sarah on her journey to learn the wave 360. Episode 1 is a discussion about learning and how to learn better--both about the wave 360 and in general. 

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You can watch the opening episode of ‘Learning to Learn’ @ https://youtu.be/XhJeialQyzk

Photo Credit: Fish Bowl Diaries