The 2006 Alacati PWA World Cup / IFCA Slalom World Championships - Day 4

Pressure continues to build with only light breezes to take the heat off waiting competitors and weather forecasters unsure as to the final day’s possibilities.

After a day of temptation yesterday, eager eyes opened up to see another glorious, but windless morning here in Alacati. It was easy to forget that the serene tranquillity of the still morning could in be anything other than desirable, but with nothing more than the slightest of sea breezes developing by the 10 am skippers meeting, it was back to the waiting game.

Unlike the previous day, the meteorological odds were well stacked against the possibility of wind and, by early afternoon, the existing wind – as light as it was – was directly opposing the normal thermal winds, making the chances of any substantial airflow very unlikely.

As always, Alacati did not fail to disappoint on the light wind alternative front, with wakeboarding, bungee jumping and plain old lounging around in the sun providing plenty to keep both the crowds and sailors occupied, but by five o’clock it was clear that there was no chance and competition was called off for the day.

With no competition today, Finian Maynard (KV-11, F2 / Neil Pryde) still retains the slimmest of leads ahead of current PWA Slalom Tour leader, Antoine Albeau (F-192, Starboard / Neil Pryde) and Kevin Pritchard (US-3, Starboard / Maui Sails). Verena Fauster (ITA-31, F2 / Gaastra) retains her hold over Karin Jaggi (Z-14, F2 / North Sails) and Allison Shreeve (AUS-911, F2 / Neil Pryde).

With forecasts for the final day tomorrow, far from guaranteeing wind, Maynard and Fauster may already have done enough to etch their names firmly on the Alacati crown, but only time will tell, so be sure to keep your seat in the front row as the action continues live on

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