Windsurfing Hawaii

Federico Morisio Returns to Maui For the First Time in 1 and Half Years - Watch His Latest VLOG Now

Travelling the world right now isn't anywhere near as easy as it used to be in the last couple of decades, but that didn't deter Federico Morisio (Severne / Severne Sails) from making the voyage from Chile to Maui...

Federico Morisio: “After 3 months in Chile I decided to go "all-in" and I ventured in a pretty complicated trip all the way to Hawaii: 48 hours travelling, 2 COVID tests and lots of documentation.

Being back in Maui after 1.5 years felt incredible and I'm so happy that I can continue my training in one of the most challenging spots in the world, windsurfing with some of the best riders on the planet!

In the video I share many insights about the Maui lifestyle, the training on the island and also the ups and downs that I'm going through.

I hope you enjoy it, good times ahead!

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