Wave Sailing Setup

Ben Proffitt Gives a Quick Footstrap Guide to Help Prevent Injuries Whilst Wave Sailing

Nobody wants to get injured whilst windsurfing, but there are plenty of people who have suffered serious foot/ankle and knee injuries, because it’s part of the territory which comes with an extreme sport. However, there are some basic setup tips which can help you prevent those unwanted injuries. Over to Ben Proffitt (Simmer / Simmer Style) to explain more.

Windsurfing.TV: "Are your foot straps the right size?

Before I do any tips and tricks videos I just want to show you a little trick I do to test the size of my straps for wave sailing.

Now, I’m NOT saying you should all set your straps up like this… but if you check most of the top guys in the world you will see they have pretty big straps. It’s worth looking into and checking your own setup.

Disclaimer: Injuries can happen no matter how big your straps are… but you want to make it as easy as possible to get your feet in and out.”

You can see Ben Proffitt’s quick footstrap guide @ youtu.be/fmmjna2INAw