An Interview with Laure Treboux

Laure Treboux (SUI-4 Naish / Naish) has made a huge splash in her debut year on the PWA. Her high standard of Freestyle performance has really helped to shake the women’s scene up, so we thought we’d better ask her how she feels to be ranked 2nd in the world already!

PWA: Who has helped you and encouraged you to enter the top level scene?

LT: All my mates I’m sailing with, at home in Switzerland or in Dahab, where I work, and of course my boyfriend Simon Hurrey. He told me I really should enter the PWA as I thought I could do well. Then my sponsors, Naish boards and Naish Sails helped me a lot as well and motivated me. It’s a great feeling to have so much support around me!

PWA; What was your motivation, and have you always been competitive by personality?

LT; I’ve been dreaming of being a professional windsurfer since I was a kid, and competing is the only way to get yourself a name and start living out windsurfing. That’s why I started. I am competitive in general, and it motivates me to sail with better people and try and follow them, but I wasn’t really attracted by a real competition. I was getting to nervous just thinking about it! But it’s been a great experience and I’m very glad I started now!

PWA: Where have you learned to sail so well? 

LT: I’ve been taught very good basics at home on my lake, which allowed me to understand windsurfing, and to get really good in light wind freestyle (which is what we get usually there). Then it kind of all got together when I left to sail in windier places like Australia or Dahab, and I improved and learned new moves quickly thanks to these basics, plus all  and the good windsurfers around me.

PWA: How have you pushed yourself to progress to such a high standard?

LT: Windsurfing is my passion, and I just wanted to be good, so I worked hard to get to where I am now. I always did it for fun, I never had to force myself to do anything and I think it’s the main reason why I’m at this level now.

PWA: How long have you been sailing for?

LT: I started about 10 years ago.

PWA: How many contests have done before this year? Why have you not come to the PWA before this year?!!

LT: I’ve done a couple of events on the Swiss Freestyle Tour, and tried to get on the European Freestyle Tour, but there weren’t many girls competing so I stopped. My first big real event was last year in Silvaplana, for the IFCA World Championships, where I got 2nd.  I didn’t enter the PWA before because I just wasn’t into competition, it wasn’t my thing.

PWA: You entered waves too in Pozo. Will you enter stand-alone wave events in future or just the ones where the freestyle is there anyway?

LT: I wanted to start with freestyle for my first season to see how it would go. My level is also better in freestyle than in waves right now. I did the waves in Pozo because I was there and it would be a good experience. But I really want to get good in the waves and rip it up next year!

PWA: How did you approach this season and what did you intend to achieve? Have you exceeded these expectations?

LT: It was more like an experimental season that turned into awesome results!!! I was hoping to do well really, but didn’t dare expect such good results…

PWA: Tell us about your plans for the future inside windsurfing and outside / after your career.

LT: I’d like to live out of my passion in the next years, do well in competition, windsurf everyday, and travel a lot. It’s important for me to keep it as a passion, and not only concentrate on competition.I’d like to promote our wonderful sport, and bring a lot of people to it by teaching, and showing people what windsurfing is with videos, photos, articles.So I guess I’ll always do something for and in windsurfing, even when my competitor career is over. For sure out of all this I just wanna be happy everyday, whatever, and I’ll keep doing what I need for that!

PWA: Tell us anything else we should know about you and that you want the world to know!

LT: Kids, go for your dreams, whatever they are, you can do it. That’s what I always did, I hold onto it until I got it and didn’t listen to people who wouldn’t believe in it!

Thanks a lot Laure for sharing your thoughts with us, and well done on such a great debut year so far!