Testing Fins

Nico Prien Testing Fins in Tarifa with the Man Behind Chopper Fins - Ludovic Jossin

The first event of the 2021 PWA Slalom World Tour is now just under two weeks away with the Tiberias PWA World Cup starting on 21st June in Israel. The best racers in the world are now making their final few tweaks to their setups to try and eek out that extra bit of performance. For Nico Prien (Starboard / NeilPryde) that meant a trip to Tarifa to meet up with Chopper Fins boss - Ludovic Jossin (Patrik) - in the search to find the perfect fin for Israel.

Nico Prien: “0:00 Get ready for Tarifa 30 knots
1:11 Introduction: Ludovic Jossin (Chopperfins)
2:15 These are my fins
3:22 Carbon vs. G10 Fins and characteristics
5:00 Action!! 
6:15 First test runs 
9:38 Why are do carbon fins cost so much?

Filmed on Lumix S1H
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You can see Nico Prien testing out fins ahead of the 2021 Tiberias PWA World Cup @ youtu.be/9OszAH_ak1U