Tarifa Freestyle

Summer in Tarifa Can Mean Only One Thing... High Wind Freestyle Ft. Antoine Albert

Antoine Albert (Goya Windsuring) has left his home in New Caledonia to return to the windy European summer in Spain. Albert is currently in Gran Canaria, but has just released footage from his 3 week trip to Tarifa.

Antoine Albert: "I spent 3 weeks in Tarifa in June 2021 with my girlfriend, hanging around with the van, to train freestyle in strong wind, here is a little recap video of some sessions I've had down there, in between sight seeing and ranch working.

Two more videos are coming in the next following weeks, one from France and one from Portugal, so stay tuned on my Youtube channel!!"

You can see Antoine Albert in Tarifa @ youtu.be/FObSXbfe0nM