Wild Birds

Wild Birds is another excellent new movie release out this week, which takes the viewer on a journey with PWA all-stars, Peter Volwater (F2 / North), Kauli Seadi (Quatro / Naish), Robby Naish (Naish / Naish), and Tonky Frans (F2 / Gaastra).


This breathtaking production shows the viewer what its like to live the dream – of being one of windsurfings migrating Wild Birds! The 47-minute documentary show features the tropical waters of Maui, Bonaire and Australia and the tough conditions in the cold waters of Denmark, Belgium and Holland.

The Naish story

Robby Naish looks back at the time when he began windsurfing and tells his story of the sport. He shares his dreams, his dedication to the sport and his own thoughts on some of the current pro windsurfers like Peter Volwater. We see the young Naish in action at the PBA World Cup 1986 at Zandvoort – Holland. He shows us that the king still rules when he surfs an epic day at Jaws – Maui.

Flying Dutchmen

Dutch ‘Wild Bird’ Peter Volwater talks about his dreams, his idol and shows how to realize the dream of becoming a professional windsurfer. In 1996 Volwater was PWA Rookie of the year. We follow him from the 10th edition of the Soulwave in Denmark. The flight continues and goes to Volwaters surfing friends in Hawaii and his second home country: Western Australia. Also starring the best Flying Dutchmen of the home country of the Dutch filmmaker: Tonky Frans and Kevin Mevissen.

Action documentary

For more than a year, filmmaker Spaako (Frank Borghstijn) followed the best windsurfers to the best spots of the globe. Spaako is a pioneer in windsurfing productions. He combines his professional movie background with his passion for windsurfing. The result is an action documentary with more than just action.

Surfer’s magazine (Germany) stated: “Wild Birds is not just one more of those action movies or predictable trick-to-trick videos, but an intelligent composed action documentary. The shots and music are edited perfectly. It’s obvious that Wild Birds is made by a filmmaker with a professional filming background.”

Find out more at www.wildbirdsmovie.com

Length: 47 minutes. Extras: 75 minutes