Antoine Albert Scoring Some Super Fun Down-The-Line Conditions in Gran Canaria in the Peak of Summer

When most people think of Gran Canaria they instinctively probably think of Pozo Izquierdo - famed for its howling winds and onshore jumping and wave riding conditions. However, just a few minutes up the coast you can score some extremely fun looking down-the-line sailing - as long as there is a bit of groundswell around.

Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing) has been in Gran Canaria for a few weeks and has been sneaking off to this spot to score some solitary DTL sailing, which you can see @

Antoine Albert: “The past few weeks have offered some fun swell in the Canary Islands, enough to make some peeling waves work. It has been a blast to score one of them by myself a couple of times!! 
Camera: Toya
Riders: Antoine Albert / Antoine Martin (guest appearance)."