Missing in Action?

2005 World wavesailing Champion Kauli Seadi (Quatro / Naish) was hard to get hold of. He’d promised us an update on tour life so far this season. There must have been some major action happening somewhere for him to stay under the radar for so long. No calls, no e-mails. What was going on? Sure enough an overexcited Brazilian eventually responded from Florianapolis…


‘Home is firing! Today I sailed one of my best days ever! Mast and a half high killer waves, with only me out sailing on my 4.7!!! Ahahaha!!!

OK, what about this season then? So, I’m currently ranked 2nd in the waves. Is it all going to plan?  Pretty much actually. It feels great to be getting podium positions at wavesailing events, especially with the current level we have on tour, so I just hope to keep flowing!!! One thing is for sure - I’m really going to approach Sylt with a lot of motivation to regain my title, and I’m desperately hoping for good waves!!!!

This fight to re-claim the wave title has definitely affected my focus on freestyle this year. Actually I think I’ve been putting almost 80% of my time in the water on wavesailing - so I guess that’s been the reason. But despite this I remain really motivated to keep on learning new motions and moves, because all the double sliding moves feel like surfing anyway...really cool!!!

In the wave title race I would say I see Kevin Pritchard as my biggest threat on the water at this time. But I think really the greatest danger is myself, because our own minds are the main obstacle sometimes!!!

As far as racing is concerned, although I tried Super-X in previous seasons, I don’t think I’ll start again, even if there is an overall title re-introduced. I’m pretty sure I could do well through 3 disciplines, but I don’t think that it would matter so much for me personally. I just really enjoy wave sailing, and I want to focus as much time as I can on that!!

Surfing is obviously huge in Brazil, so I’m trying constantly to show the public the things Brownzinho, Konan and I can do on the water.  But sadly windsurfing remains small in this country, although my world title definitely helped a lot, because the media had to start focusing more on windsurfing. All I know is that a good windsurfing session like today I can’t compare with any other feeling!!! It’s the best!!!!!

I gotta go as I am sooo hungry. Time to eat and then get ready for more action tomorrow!’

Obrigado Kauli. Sessão boa!

© PWA / Brian McDowell