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Must Watch | Ricardo Campello Talks About Landing the Biggest Jump of his Life After Returning to Pozo For First Time in 3 Years

Ricardo Campello (Naish / Naish Sails) has long been considered one of the most radical windsurfers on the planet and his latest video from Pozo Izquierdo doesn’t disappoint with the 36-year-old giving a world class jumping performance. 

Ricardo Campello: “I did a last minute trip to Gran Canaria to get a good  forecast. It’s been 3 years I didn't sail in Pozo conditions and I really needed it, plus I wanted to test my new Naish gear on those conditions and its working really well. 

This video is a bit longer than usual as I am talking a little bit about the bIggest jump of my life, but make sure you watch it until the end for the crash part!”

You can see Ricardo Campello’s latest Pozo video @