Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021

In just six days time, Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021, is ON in Cold Hawaii, Denmark.

The small cosy fishing village Klitmøller will host the 'Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Windsurf Wave World Cup 2021' in the Youth and the Juniors division, age of under 20 and U17 - U15 – U13 boys and girls, between September 12th and Sunday, 18th.

- We do say boys and girls, but when you see them on the water doing massive double rotation jumps over the horizon or the smoothest wave ride any surfer would envy, it's hard to believe that they are only youngsters, comments Mads Bjørnaa from the surf club NASA.

Ten years of proud PWA history

Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii have been a well-known PWA-spot for more than a decade.

We are pretty sure to get great conditions and have a fantastic week, when we try to find a World Cup Winner in every class and most likely also decide the World Wave Youth Ranking for 2021.

The event is a part of Cold Hawaii Games with more than ten different sports events on the coastline of Cold Hawaii and Cold Hawaii Inland.

- We look forward to welcoming surfers and crew during the best time of the year for wind and waves in Denmark, says Kristian Kjøller, Head of Cold Hawaii Games.

The event is created as a co-work between Friends of Cold Hawaii and the local surf club North Atlantic Surf Association (NASA) and the PWA with support of Thisted Kommune, Spar Invest and Nordjyske Medier - and a wide range of sponsors.

The classes are U20, U17, U15 and U13 - both boys and girls.

Main sailing location is in front of the NASA clubhouse Ørhagevej 189, 7700 Thisted. If the wind turns more Westerly, we have an option to sail in the nearby town of Hanstholm.

Live stream, Full video, photo and social media coverage going out to PWA and many more .

Cold Hawaii Games is presented By: Thisted Kommune, Spar Invest and Nordjyske Medier.

Follow the event here where we also link to the live stream.

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