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09/01/2006 - created by PWA / Brian McDowell

Cool Contender

Kevin Pritchard (Starboard / MauiSails) leads the wave tour, sits in second place on the Slalom 42 leader board, and came second overall in Super-X – not a bad season so far then! Another world title (Or two?) would certainly be good for business for this highly driven 30-year-old American, and his stake in successful sail brand MauiSails. You also can’t help but wonder how many more trophies all-rounder Kevin might have collected with an overall crown up for grabs. With the clock ticking to the grand finales of wave and slalom at Sylt, what must be going through the mind of an experienced, cool-operating multiple world champion?

‘I’m pretty happy about my situation really - especially about leading the wave tour. I never really thought that I’d have the lead going into the last event. It’s funny ‘cause last year I put so much into trying to win the waves, and this year I was really focused on the slalom. Maybe that’s key - just to be ready for everything without being too focused on just one thing?

‘With that in mind I’m going to go to Sylt totally prepared. I’ve been sailing everyday pretty much, and trying to improve my sailing level as much as possible. I want to be focused as possible without putting too much pressure on myself.

Despite the potential publicity for MauiSails and my sponsors such as Starboard, I want to win the wave title for myself more than anything. To be able to be in the top at this current level is pretty good, as for sure it’s harder now on the wave tour than ever before. Kauli and Victor are raising the level so high, plus they’re also just starting to come into their competition prime. Kauli’s definitely a strong competitor, and Victor has always been super talented, so it will be good to see how he does now that he has a win under his belt. Sylt itself is going to be the biggest factor, as the conditions there are usually the biggest threat. All in all it’s good for the sport to see young guys really pushing the level so high! I am doing the best that I can, and that is all I can expect from myself.

For sure I wish there would have been an overall title. I think I probably would have won it hands down since the 2000. If that were the case I would have had 6 Overall World Championships! I think that would have been pretty good for my results list if you know what I mean!! But woulda's coulda's don’t mean too much! I’m pretty happy with what I have accomplished and that is what counts. Plus I am thankful to all my friends, family and sponsors for supporting me throughout the years!’

Kevin is sponsored by Starboard and Maui Sails, Camaro Wetsuits, Kaenon Polorized, Deboichet Fins, and 360 Board Gear.

© PWA / Brian McDowell

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