A Summary of 2021 Summer

14-Year-Old Carlos Kiefer Quintana is Setting the Bar Even Higher For the Future - Watch his Summer Highlights Now

Carlos Kiefer-Quintana (Fanatic / Duotone) has already taken his wave sailing to an extraordinary level at the age of just 14, but the young German isn't planning to rest on his laurels any time soon. The young rippper has been out in Gran Canaria for the summer and you can see his highlights reel now @ https://youtu.be/kHFgUGN5ajQ

Carlos Kiefer-Quintana: “This summer I’ve learned the double forward, the forward off the lip and the backside wave 360. I also improved my stalled forward, the one handed backloop and my pushloops. For end of next summer i would like to learn the pushforward, taka and wave 360 and also to improve the doubles and my surfing.”