First Ever Women's Push Table Top

Cutting edge performer Daida Ruano Moreno (Mistral /North) sent this sequence of her first ever Push Loop Table Top combo. This is the first ever women's PTT and represents a massive step forward for her and the women's sport - especially considering there are many well respected pro men's riders that have yet to master this move!

The Push Loop Table Top is a manoeuvre I have wanted to do since the day I first saw it. As with most moves, you´ve got to dream about it, study it and imagine yourself doing it before you even go for it. I got my inspiration this summer watching Victor Fernandez during the PWA Pozo event.

So, I decided it was time to try! here we go...

First of all, and like most of the moves, you have to visualize a perfect steep ramp and go to towards with full speed.

You should know how to do a normal push loop before you try this Combination move. As the name says, you have to "push" the sail while you look back taking off full speed (see picture #1).

You have to do the push loop rotation forgetting the board behind and pushing the sail around. You'll find yourself really tweaked and with the mast facing down, and the board facing towards the beach. Push the sail into the wind with your back hand to control your rotation around. A good tip:look at the tip of the mast (see picture #2)

While you keep pushing the sail up straight you will find yourself with enough time to tweak the board even more to do the table top while you prepare for your landing. Keep pushing the mast into the wind while looking down to spot your landing place. (see picture #3).

Keep looking down while you finish preparing the sail up straight to normal position and ready to land (see picture #4) The rotation of this move is really quick and to learn it you have to perfectly control a normal push loop and select a good high steep ramp.

Good luck and keep ripping!