Guided Tour | Iceland

Join Thomas Traversa & Jules Denel as they take you on a epic road trip through Iceland

Iceland is often voted as one of the happiest place in the world to live, but it also boasts world class waves for those who don’t mind a bit of exploring. For Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) and Jules Denel (JP / NeilPryde) that’s exactly what they wanted and after a couple of trips they were just waiting for the right forecast to pop up again before their next adventure…

Thomas Traversa: “Jules and I traveled to Iceland in 2012 and explored some world class point breaks. I felt in love with the island. It’s one of the least known windsurfing destinations. In 2017 we returned to the Island in the northern Atlantic, discovered some great spots including one with great potential and had some great wave rides, but I thought that the conditions could be way better. Sylvain Bourlard joined us on our second trip. We knew that we have to come back, when a proper swell hits the island. In early September 2021 the forecast showed 2 days of big swell and strong winds… Louis Depoers joined us for a 3 days express trip, too. we were lucky!! The conditions worked out well at the rocky point.” 

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