Windsurf Europe + Windsurf Television - The First Windsurfing DVD Magazine


Now available in newstands Europe-wide is the first issue of 'Windsurf Europe', featuring a brand new windsurf DVD magazine, 'Windsurf Television'. Windsurf Europe is a hard-core, new generation publication full of action, interviews, riders profiles, and heaps of other cool stuff such as product presentations, spot guides, reviews and more! With each printed issue comes Windsurf television, an 110 minute DVD full of superb content featuring the best of many top PWA riders in action.



Behind the scenes are a staff of three passionate European windsurfers. Leading the group is Stefano Lentati, former owner and editor of Funboard Italia, who explains the philosophy of the new magazine: "Windsurf Europe is born as an international project, with the same magazine available throughout Europe with the same contents at the same time. The windsurfing culture itself is definitely international, and with this spirit we aim to bring the windsurfing community a bonus international DVD magazine. I've been producing magazines for 12 years, and know that sometimes words are not enough, but that our readers' judgment is everything. My advice is to go to the nearest newstand, get a copy and get a taste of Windsurf Europe - I bet you'll like it."

The first issue of Windsurf Europe is available in two versions (German and Spanish language editions) and in nine different countries: Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey. For the second issue the program is to expand the distribution network with two more languages (French and English) and through more countries.

Out of the Ordinary

Editor Ovidio Ferrari, windsurfing journalist and head judge of the Italian freestyle circuit comments "Windsurf Europe is something different from a standard windsurfing magazine. We are making what we call a "media convergence". This means that contents of the magazine will mirror the ones on the DVD. A simple example: the cover video of our first issue is the Kauli Seadi's new video The Little House. Inside the magazine you can find an interview of the current PWA Wave World Champion, and the history behind the Brazilian rider's video. There are some stories you can tell only through film, and others you can only tell with words and photos - we have both."


Video editor in charge is Federico La Croce, recently crowned Italian Freestyle Champion, who's the perfect person to select and manage video contents, and to explain what Windsurf Television is: "You'll find almost two hours of very different videos, clips, and bonus tracks - and something very different from a classic windsurfing video. Basically it’s the difference between a movie and a documentary. Just put it in your DVD player and watch it! We've chosen video clips and bonus tracks of a different kind and quality, but they're all super fun and aimed at the windsurfing addict!"

On the menu of the first issue:

- The Little House, auto-portrait by the PWA wave world champion Kauli Seadi.
- Jaws in action, the bigger waves of the season;
- Italians Go South, the homemade spaghetti video featuring the best Italian windsurfers.
- Video clips featuring Tom Hartmann in Mauritius; Alex Mussolini, Thomas Traversa and Stephan Etienne in the Canary Islands; Fabrice Beaux at Ho'okipa;
- Lots of very good and funny extra bonus tracks.

The complete list of riders performing in the DVD is long, but  riding big waves and making the sickest maneuvers you'll see PWA all-stars Kauli Seadi, Jason Polakow, Boujmaa Guilloul, Robby Seeger, Ricardo Campello, Robby Naish, Robby Swift, Victor Fernandez and lots more. Plus there's always something more - somewhere in the DVD menu you'll find a "secret bonus", so go try and find it!

If you can’t find Windsurf Europe in your usual newstand or if it's sold out, please contact us ( and we'll do our best to help you get your copy. Retailers interested in stocking Windsurf Europe in Germany and Austria can contact our sales department (In English please) via And, there’s a Media kit available on request at, (Please also contact in English)