Thomas Traversa Shredding at Carro's - The Spot Which Will Host the First Wave Event Since COVID-19

From November 12th, Marignane, France, will take centre stage of the windsurfing world as for the first time since COVID-19 every discipline, for both males and females, will be in action. Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) will be one of the many home talents hoping to be standing at the top of the podium and he's just released an edit from Carro, which is the wave spent that will be used for the wave sailors. Have a look and see what waits in store.

Thomas Traversa: “This is Carro! The place that will host the PWA wave competition in November 2021…  When the wind blows from the West or Northwest direction, we sometimes get some very good wave riding conditions! It’s kind of rare but those are my favourite conditions at Carro. Here’s a quick edit from 2 days using my 3.3m MANIC sail and one day on a 4.0m IQ membrane edition.”

You can see Thomas Traversa shredding at Carro @