The Windsurfing Movie

Destined for Big Screen mainstream theatre release, The Windsurfing Movie is poised to be windsurfing’s defining film. Directed by award winning cinematographer Johnny DeCesare of Poor Boyz Productions, and featuring perhaps the best riders in windsurfing history—The Windsurfing Movie conveys the beauty of Windsurfing in brilliant 16mm and Super 16 film.


After winning both Powder and Ski Magazine’s Film of the Year honors for the 2005 release of ‘War’, DeCesare has turned his lens toward the ocean. The response from the windsurfing industry has been remarkable, with the Red Bull and Oxbow teams of Levi Siver, Jason Polakow, Kai Lenny and the king himself, Robby Naish, all working together on the project.

The Windsurfing Movie is filmed in the best locations worldwide and will be released in the spring of 2007. Watch out for regular updates on the progress of the movie right here on and at In the meantime Levi Siver gives us taste of what’s to come.

‘The windsurfing Movie is a mainstream movie production, shot on 16mm and super 16 and designed for big theatre. We plan on doing an international promotional tour, attending events such as the Sun Dance Film festival screenings to get the film noticed at the highest levels.

So far we’ve shot in Hawaii, Cape Verde, Fiji, PWA contests, the east coast of America, and many more. There will be a good amount of ripping riders, but right now were working close with PWA stars Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, Kai Lenny, Josh Angulo, Baptiste Gossien, Fly Catcher (Kai Katchadourian), amongst others.

Working with award winning Director Johnny DeCesare from Poor Boyz Productions who is a legend in the Ski world, we were able to put a whole company together called PoorBoyzWindsurfing, which includes expertise through internet to camera crew, distribution, producers, corporate involvement, product and the top riders in the world.

The movies aimed to be an experience that a 13-year-old kid and my grandmother could enjoy at the same time. The vocal point of the film is the story and the windsurfing will be the icing on the cake. We want to give the audience more than just windsurfing; we want to give them an emotional ride with the star characters.

The characters are real, the action is real and the story is real. There are parts of the film that might have a documentary feel to it, and there will be character build up through out the story, such as the way you will feel connected to the likes of Robby Naish and Polakow, myself and others.

Our motivation? Well can you remember the last time you went into a theatre to see a windsurfing movie?  Exactly... We want to gather all the windsurfer's around the world and have them share a similar experience about how amazing our sport is, how we all relate, and how everybody's stories are connected in a certain way.

We want the viewer to sit and eat popcorn and be pulled in like when you watch high impact productions such as surfing achieved with ‘Riding Giants.’ But windsurfing
I believe has an edge that is more captivating than other sports, and that's what will come across to make it different from ‘Day of Days’ or ‘Riding Giants’ Our focus remains windsurfing as there're tons of films about tow-surfing, and we only want to promote windsurfing.

Promotion-wise, the team we have now with Studio 411 and Red Bull is strong and putting a lot behind it. There's going to be a strong marketing push that you’ll see and hear soon with Magazines and TV, so watch this space!

We believe that windsurfers are fanatical about their sport, and I believe all these people scattered across the globe would love to have a classic windsurf film by their entertainment center.

This project has been going for two years and will be released in the spring of 2007, so there has been tons of work spilled into it. The production value of the film will be like you have never seen before I promise you! Aloha’

Mahalo Levi

© PWA / Brian McDowell