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Ben Proffitt Shares the Secret of Forward Loops - A Must Watch For Aspiring Loopers

For many sailors the forward loop remains the holy grail of windsurfing. Although the forward loop is technically one of the easiest moves to learn it remains one of the biggest crowd pleases, but in order to add the forward loop to your repertoire you first have to overcome the psychological fear factor often associated with them.

To try and help you overcome the fear, and also learn the forward in the safest way possible, Ben Proffitt (Simmer / Simmer Sails) has put together a great new video called ‘The Secret of Forward Loops’, so if you are an aspiring looper in the making or you have already started your forward loop journey - be sure to check it out @ youtu.be/hNQcJe0lB84

Ben Proffitt: “Struggling to get your head around Forward loops? Well, maybe it's time to look at them a different way... “