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Jordy Vonk Looks Ahead to What he Hopes will be a Action Packed 2022 Season

2022 is ON and so is another training block to prepare for the 2022 season. Just like the last two years, it's still very unsure which events will take place, but I'm happy the PWA World Tour calendar is out, so we all have a motivation to train for. 

In terms of numbers of events 2022 looks promising, currently this is what the world tour looks like:
- Beginning June TBC: Maldives 
- End June TBC: Israel 
- 4 - 9 July: Bol, Croatia
- 2 - 6 August: Fuerteventura
- 23 Sept - 3 Oct: Sylt 
- October TBC: Lake Garda
- November TBC: Japan 

Beside these events there's ongoing conversations with other organisers, so with a hungry soul for racing I have the feeling we'll have a bigger tour than 2021. 

Together with the Dutch Championships, Defi wind, IFCA World Championships and more; it will hopefully be a packed season. 

It's already the 9th winter in a row that I'm heading to the Canary Islands for my winter training! Even after all those years, Tenerife is still the place to be. A slalom course in the water for 4 days a week to push 15 races a day, I absolutely love it and still see it as the best preparation possible. 

7th January I headed my way to the island again and I have to say it's not been the best month in terms of wind. Actually it might have been the worst in all those years! Luckily due to the foil we manage to be on the water regularly, but it's crazy that the usual North East winds are not blowing in full force like always. 

I'm sure conditions will turn around and we'll be praying for a break in the next weeks, fingers crossed! 

TWS x Surfcenter Clinic

Together with Tenerife Windsurf Solution and Surfcenter.nl I hosted a clinic in Tenerife from 16 to 23rd of January. 

8 people had the opportunity to book a spot on to a slalom clinic having everything, but flights arranged. The brand new 2022 slalom equipment from Duotone and Fanatic arrived just in time to make sure everybody could try out the new toys. 

A lack of wind in the forecast made the people pretty nervous to come and be left without any action.... luckily with a 'improvisation show' as we called it, I could still please all of the participants. For two days we enjoyed sailing on the other side of the island in some tricky conditions, while the last two days they could plane on big slalom gear or fly their first meters on the foil. 

It was a pretty stressful week as it wasn't simply coaching people while it was windy, but the participants appreciated all efforts a lot and went home happy with a lot of tips and tricks in the pocket. 

A good lesson and warm up for my next clinic on Tenerife from 16 to 23 March! 

What's next?

More Tenerife! For the next two months I'll stay in Tenerife to prepare for the season, I'm here with my family; so it's comfortable staying in the same place for a while. 

In case you're considering to come: I'm happy to help you out. So we can enjoy some water time together… hopefully see you soon! 

Best regards, 

Jordy Vonk